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Shipping Your Flute to Flute Asylum

You can ship your flute using UPS, USPS (Postal Service), or FedEx, but be sure to specify "signature required" so that they do not leave the instrument by the door. Also be careful to make sure that your insurance covers the shipping, not just while the instrument is in your posession.

Packing should be done with a large enough box to allow a sufficient amount of packing materials to cushion the instrument. Bubble wrap around the instrument is a good idea, in case any moisture happens to get on the box.

If you have insurance for the return trip and do not want Flute Asylum to insure your flute (which can be expensive with the shipper), include our insurance waiver (link below) when you ship your instrument or send the waiver by snail mail. But please verify that your flute is insured on the trip back from our shop.

 Flute Asylum Insurance Waiver

Pad Prices

(Not sold outside of a repair)

Straubinger $10 each

Pisoni S2 $10 each

Pisoni Felt $3 each