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For a number of years I've been a bit overwhelmed with work, and I'm not getting younger, so I've been looking for a solution, but it hasn't worked to find someone to take over the shop. Later this fall or winter Flute Center of New York will be opening a store in downtown Chicago, and I'm going to work there part time doing a minimal amount of repair. I'll be closing Flute Asylum some time in the next few months, probably right before FCNY opens. It's possible that I'll get back into repair full time again but for the time being I'm going to take advantage of a large shop moving here with a number of repair techs. From what I've heard about the people they are hiring it should be a good shop.

I'm going to try to get through the list of people that I've already promised to do work for but realistically I may not make it.It may be good to look for an alternative, ask me if you want to know what the chances are that I'll get to your name on the list. I think it's already possible to schedule a repair from FCNY in Chicago, but unlikely that I will be the person doing the repair.

I'm hoping to stay in contact with everyone, my emails will still be active, so if you have any questions let me know.

And I'd like to encourage younger people to get into the flute repair field, there is a lot of need for good people with all the fine flutes out there. If you are interested, feel free to ask me about ways to get into the field.
  • Chicago Area Flute Repair by Tom Peterson, former finisher/padder at Brannen Brothers
  • Straubinger and Muramatsu certified
  • Parts and pads in stock for Brannen Brothers, Powell, Muramatsu, Miyazawa, and other fine flutes
  • Tom is listed on the Brannen Brothers site as a "Brannen Brothers Endorsed Master Repair Technician"

Flute Asylum
410 S. Michigan Ave
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